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Catching up, or I’m a bad blogger.

August 20th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized


Yeah, I’m lapsing a bit, so here’s the very short recap of a few rides over the last month.

Rocking Ron, rocking the Redstone Tuesday Night Ride. I made about a month ago now. Late in the daylight, rocking a flash and zoom motion, best of a technique I’ve been trying. I like it! Good ride too, above Jamestown. Good almost never ridden.


Somewhere I never seem to end up, and never know why. Golden Gate State Park. It’s 30 minutes away, and superb. Its not all like this picture – a lot of it is as technical as it gets. I like it all.


WInter Park. Rode with a good friend Brian who was in town from MN. Rode some trails you can see on the map, and a lot of trails that you cannot see on a map. We stopped to play on this rock, Brian took this picture of me.


Tire levers. Gotta have them. These are/were 10+ years old. I dug them out of my ride bag when my garage set went missing, and all those years of use came to an end. A clean snap to worthless. Bummer to see them go after so many tire changes.


Curt Gowdy. Not just a sportscaster, but a state park as well. It’s good. It’s big, when put together with all the other riding up near Laramie.

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