Take the long cut, we’ll get there eventually.

Flatirons Vista

October 9th, 2008 Posted in Rides

On Saturday, before the big fall ride, I got out and rode one of the new trails accessible from home. Flatirons Vista opened, and while its certainly a better option than riding the gravel road out there, it could have been so much better if just a bit better thought out and executed.

The new Doudy reroute, however, is steller. Well thought out and executed, and a hoot to ride. Once I get my light back from the Redstone crew going to Moab, I’ll have to get out and take advantage of it.

Here’s what the GPS caught on the area.

Here’s the new trail. Point A to Point B. At least it gets us there, right?

And here’s the Doudy reroute. Flowy, fun.

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